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I'm having trouble implementing a "scroll more text" feature.

<a href="#" id="scroll-trigger">More</a>

<div id="outer-frame">
<div id="scroll-frame">

.. long text


.. in the css

#outer-frame {

and the Jquery ..


That's the basic construction. There is more to it, but even when I have stripped down to this it does not work like I would expect.

I simply want the user to be able to scroll the text up by 50px increments.

But each time the #scroll-trigger is clicked, the .scroll-frame "resets" and scrolls from 0 up to -50px.

I have tried grabbing the dynamic CSS each time

    var newMarginTop = ($('.scroll-frame').css('marginTop'));  // should get the new value?
    newMarginTop -= 50;
    $('.scroll-frame').animate({"marginTop": newMarginTop },1000);     

That didn't work either. It still resets and scrolls from zero. What am I not getting? I'm looking at the jQuery manual and this ..

  $(".block").animate({"left": "-=50px"}, "slow");

.. moves the box progressively more and more to the left. Why is my situation different?

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(e)preventDefault(); ? – Dogbert Mar 21 '12 at 16:06
@dogbert - well, yeah. This scroll window appears in a "sticky" utility sidebar that follows the user as they scroll down the page. If I didn't preventDefault on the click event (you can return false as well), the page would jump to the top as the user clicks on the <a tag>. Or are you saying that could be a problem? – K.K. Smith Mar 21 '12 at 16:20

when you try to get $('.scroll-frame').css('marginTop') it's a string

newMarginTop -= 50;

won't work


var newMarginTop = parseInt($('.scroll-frame').css('marginTop').replace('px','');

and check if the returned value of $('.scroll-frame').css('marginTop') is not returning px or some measure. Use string.replace if it happens

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  1. Your animate() property is invalid

    • animate({"marginTop":"-=50px"}
    • animate({"left": "-=50px"}

    Remove the = sign from these

    In case you are trying to set the new values 50px less, you can try something like this.

    animate({"marginTOp" : $(this).css("marginTop")-50 });
  2. You are using the event object on the wrong way


    Change this to e.preventDefault();

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Thanks. You are right about preventDefault. I have just switched from return false, and I screwed it up. But why is my animate invalid if this is directly from the jQuery site? $("#right").click(function(){ $(".block").animate({"left": "+=50px"}, "slow"); }); Thats from the animate(); definition! – K.K. Smith Mar 21 '12 at 17:07

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