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I use the latest oauth-plugin with Rails 3.1. I want to test my OAuth2 API controllers with rspec tests. After trying a bunch of things to authorize my request I simply want to stub the oauthenticate filter to get rid of any authentication issues. But I still get a 401 Unauthorized . Why??


class UsersController

  def update
    <do something>


describe UsersController do
  describe "POST 'update'" do

      before :each do
        controller.stub!(:oauthenticate).and_return true

      it "should be a successful request" do
        post :update,  { "user_id" => "some id" }
        response.should be_ok

Expected ActionController::TestResponse to have a response code of 200, but got 401.

Rspec testing for oauth provider doesn't help. With cucumber test everything works fine when setting a valid access token Authorization header.

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OK I still don't know why oauthenticate becomes not stubbed, but I figured out, how to make a authenticated OAuth2 request in RSpec tests. You have to set oauth.strategies and token parameters of the request object:

def prepare_authenticated_access_token_request
   # Create consumer application
   @client_application = Factory.create(:client_application)
   # Create a user who authorized the consumer
   @resource_owner = Factory.create(:user)
   # Create a valid, authorized access token
   token = Oauth2Token.create :user => @resource_owner, :client_application => @client_application
   # Configure the request object so that it is recognized as a OAuth2 request
   request.env["oauth.strategies"] = [:oauth20_token, :token]
   request.env["oauth.token"] = token
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Similar to Peter's answer, except a bit nicer because it will only stub the method in the context of this spec:

before :each do
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your stubbing approach didn't work because oauthenticate is called as soon as the class is loaded, so by the time you stub is the before filter had already been set on the controller.

I found a way around this by redefining the underlying filter method, as follows:

before :each do
  OAuth::Controllers::ApplicationControllerMethods::Filter.class_eval do
    def filter(controller)
      return true

I found this cleaner than having to create oauth tokens and headers, though of course it doesn't test your authentication anymore.

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