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I'm n00b to NDK I used instruction from http://wiki.eclipse.org/Sequoyah I'm using: Eclipse: 3.7.2 NDK: r7b Platform tools: 10 tools: 16 Sequoyah: http://download.eclipse.org/sequoyah/updates/2.0/

I'm just trying to debug hell-jni sample which comes with ndk, aim is to switch between java and C/C++, and debug both native and java code. I'm getting error: Connection reset by peer.

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This is because the eclipse will start the gdb server, on the other hand, the ndk-gdb script will start the gdb server.

Solution is to find the ndk-gdb in your ndk dir, and comment out the last line like this: ## $GDBCLIENT -x native_path $GDBSETUP save and it should be OK.

or copy/paste the ndk-gdb to ndk-gdb-eclipse, and make the same changes in ndk-gdb-eclipse, and tell eclipse to start gdb server using ndk-gdb-eclipse, via some portal in Debug Configurations=>C/C++ .

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