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I have a system that combines the best and worst of Java and PHP. I am trying to migrate a component that was once written in PHP into a Java One.

Does anyone have some tips for how I can parse a PHP serialized datastructure in Java? By serialized I mean output from php's serialize function.

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Alternatively you could modify the PHP to let is serialize to a cross-platform format like JSON, or XML if you want to be fancy. – Bart van Heukelom Jul 2 '10 at 9:31
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PHP serializes to a simple text-based format. PHPSerialize looks like a parser written in Java. You can also port the Python implementation to Java -- I doubt it's very complex.

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Perfect a library. You're right it's not complex, just didn't want to reinvent the wheel if I didn't have to. thanks. – Allain Lalonde Sep 18 '08 at 23:59

I had the same issue and found this library:

It does exactly what you need

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