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I am using visual studio 2010 to create a VB reporting website. I found a blog which tells me how to use range bar chart to create a gantt chart. But I got some problems with how to group the bars(tasks) on task names.

My database structrue is shown below:

 Taskname      StartTime           EndTime
 task1         2012-03-01 8:00     2012-03-01 10:00
 task2         2012-03-01 9:00     2012-03-01 14:00
 task1         2012-03-01 17:00    2012-03-01 18:00
 task2         2012-03-03 18:00    2012-03-03 19:30

I would like use the above data to generate a gantt chart like this:

       task1                                           task1
       -----                                           ---
             task 2                                                    task 2
             -------------------------                                 -------

In visual studio's report designer, I first added a range bar chart. Then dropped the taskname filed to the category fileds. So my understanding is the range bars will be grouped by task name. For the data fields, I dropped starttime(start value) and endtime(top value). I also set the 'draw side by side' property to false. But when I run my website, I could only see one task for each task type in the gantt chart( one task1 and one task 2) . It didn't show me all the tasks. So my incorrect result is shown below:

             task 2

No matter how many records are there in my database, the gantt chart only shows the first record for each task type. Does anyone know why this could happen? I wasted lot of time on this now:(. Please help me out of this.

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You need to add a series group to your graph - otherwise, it tries to draw one line per value field per category group. (By default, the low and high values should have been generated as aggregates; you probably had to amend them to be the field values, with the result that the graph plots the first low and high values for each category group.)

If you add StartTime to your graph as a series group, you should find that the values will be plotted correctly.

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