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My english is really bad and this is my first technical question on these forums, i hope you can understand the question (and sorry about the bad english :/). Also this is the first time i have worked with Android or java, so i'm a bit newbie on this.

Short format:

I want to receive Intent Filters from two classes and write the info in one instance of another class, which will put together all the information from both classes.

Long format:

I have two classes which locate and get Wifi info: latitude, longitude, accuracy, etc; and wifi hotspots (name, mac adresses, etc.) near the phone. This info is sent to another class (called TcpSender) with Intent Filters, so this class can send the info to a Tcp Socket when it has a pair of info (both location & wifi).

TcpSender has a local instance from a class called pkg, serializable, which collects all the info. I have methods like setLatitude, setLongitude, setWifiResults... and getLatitude, getLongitude, getWifiResults, etc. It's a package for the data i want to send (both location/wifi info).

When the TcpSender class receives an Intent, it writes the info in the pkg instance. Each time it stores location or wifi info, never both. Some seconds later a new Intent Filter arrives with the other info (i.e., if the first was the location, some seconds later arrives the wifi info, probably with some Location info intents between them). But there is the problem: each intent filter is creating a new TcpSender instance, so i never have both wifi & location info on he same pkt

Anyone knows how to do that? Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried using sendOrderedBroadcast and chaining the data collectors together? –  jsmith Mar 21 '12 at 17:10
I will read about those sendOrderedBroadcast. Now i'm trying without Intents... and it works. But i want to try with Intents. Thx! –  whiskito Mar 21 '12 at 19:07

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