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By default, vundle install vim plugins to ~/.vim/bundle/ on linux machine.

How can I make it install plugins to:

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It should be as simple as passing the target directory to the rc() function when you set up vundle. The implementation of that function explains it well enough if you know a bit of vimscript:

func! vundle#rc(...) abort
  let g:bundle_dir = len(a:000) > 0 ? expand(a:1, 1) : expand('$HOME/.vim/bundle', 1)
  let g:vundle_log = []
  call vundle#config#init()

Instead of just calling

call vundle#rc()

in your vimrc, use

 call vundle#rc("~/here/please/vundle/install/all/plugins")
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It works. And I use this: call vundle#rc("$HOME/here/please/vundle/install/all/plugins") -- the $HOME and ~ both expanded to home directory, I found it good to try another when one get strange warning. – Andrew_1510 Mar 24 '12 at 8:17
Added to Vundle FAQ – gmarik Aug 13 '13 at 19:56

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