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I have an embed SWF file on my page. This Flash contains the following AS line :

stage.scaleMode = "noScale";

I would like to override this settings with the default showAll scaling mode on the HTML page. The embed tag provide the scale attribute but it just doesn't scale anything! (I mean : a cropping occur when I reduce the size.)
Here's the code :

    scale="default" // I also tried "exactFit"

I noticed it works when I right-click the Flash object and check the "Show all" entry of the Flash Player menu. This mean that the Flash object behavior can be overriden in some way.

Why isn't the scale attribute working as expected ? Am I missing something ? Is it forbidden to override this hard-coded property in HTML ?

Thank you !

Edit : here are the two references for the AS scaleMode property and the embed attribute :

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Im sure you can, as you can change the perimeters of the flash movie from outside of it, i wouldnt see why it wont work, theres away..

from experience i once read you couldnt overlap several flash movies on a page and also have a swf as a background, eventually i had achieved this using php and css proberly a fluke but eventually i had 5 swf on top of each including a swf bg 1920x1080 on the same page...

just to add put your whole embedding code here, if it is not properly structured it wouldnt work anyways..

sorry about spelling i read into this tomorrow it 5 am here.

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