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I have following var result = new List<Tuple<int, List<ProductionReportEntry>, int>>();

How I can sort it by the last integer , that the result will be from high to Low .

Thanks for help.

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Maybe this will work? msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b0axc2h2.aspx –  Matthew Mar 21 '12 at 17:13

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The easiest way is to use LINQ's OrderByDescending() extension method, it will sort your list in descending order from high to low and push it back into the list:

result = result.OrderByDescending(t => t.Item3).ToList();

That's assuming you want to store it back int the original reference, of course you could assign it to another variable, etc...

Alternatively, you could do an in-place sort using List.Sort()'s overload that takes a Comparisson<T> delegate:

// does descending since we put r on the lhs and l on the rhs...
result.Sort((l, r) => r.Item3.CompareTo(l.Item3));

Alternatively, you could build a custom IComparer<T>, of course for your Tuple<int, List<PropertyReportEntry>, int> but that gets pretty ugly looking...

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