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I've tried searching and reformatting other's code but I seem to be getting nowhere.

I want to format my URLs to be something like:


Instead of:


I've searched and read about ModRewrite but am having trouble with it.

  • Do I just stick this code in the .htacces file?
  • Do I need to change how I generate my links in my actual site code to match the format I want to be using?
  • What if one of the query string parameters is missing? (eg. www.site.com/search.php? page=2&price=under10 with no "order" in the Query String)
  • How do I handle other pages on the site? (eg. browse.php?order=newest&color=green)

Any advice or resources I should be looking at are much appreciated!

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You shouldn't use resources in place of search parameters. Your URL is perfectly fine the way it is now. See how to process php REST url resources. –  netcoder Mar 21 '12 at 17:39

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Yes, you only need to use .htaccess file.

Yes, you need to write link in your code that match your new format (ie: .com/site/articles/1)

ModRewrite can handle that if you write something good (not only (.*))

More line and line in your .htaccess

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