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I have an idea for a new web application and have been looking for tools to help me get a jump start. Essentially, I would like to provide a service to "my" users that would let them easily create a site that includes blogging and some other specialized functionality while allowing them to maintain their own users. The best analogy is that I'd like to create a site similar to WordPress.com (the service, not the software), TypePad, or Blogger but way simpler (I'm only one guy after all!) and designed for users in a very specific niche. I'm guessing this concept is general enough that answers should benefit others looking to do something similar.

Which brings me to my question: what tools exist to help develop multi-tenant, multi-user web applications? I would personally prefer something open source and written in .NET, but for the benefit of everyone else I think non-open source and/or non-.NET systems would also prove valuable. My first thought was to look for open source CMS systems that support multi-tenancy and have a robust extension mechanism. The most promising that I've found so far is Orchard. Has anyone used it (or something similar) for this kind of purpose?

In general, requirements for this type of application would probably be akin to:

  • Multi-site/multi-tenant
    • Allow the creation of multiple sites that are fully customizable (such as themes) but that share a common set of overall features and functionality.
  • Different types of users
    • Support for "master" users that can configure the entire ecosystem.
    • Support for "administrators" that have control over their own site and users, but not those of others.
    • Support for "users" that are tied to an individual site, possibly with multiple access levels or types (as defined by the site's administrator).
  • Robust extensibility mechanisms
    • Since the whole point is to provide a hosting application for individual sites in a specific niche, the setup has to be highly extensible to support additional features, changes to the platform, etc.

(I asked this over at Web Applications, but got closed as off-topic. Hopefully SO is the right site this time. Forgive me if not - it can be difficult to determine the appropriate SE site sometimes).

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Try Umbraco open source CMS, not sure if it supports multi tenancy.

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It does support multi-tenancy, though seems a little odd based on this SO question: stackoverflow.com/questions/5677694/… –  somedave Mar 21 '12 at 18:49

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