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I try to parse this Xml

<Option ModeHTMorTXT="HTM"/>
<Option last_NEW_Signature="COB_DE_m.buettner_Extern"/>
<Option last_FR_Signature="COB_DE_m.buettner_Extern"/>
<Option FileList="COB_DE_m.buettner_Confidential.htm"/>
<Option FileList="COB_DE_m.buettner_Extern.htm"/>
<Option FileList="COB_DE_m.buettner_intern.htm"/>

anybody can write how to parse this XML?

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I suggest you to set up GDataXML. This parser it's easy to set up and easy to use. For further info I suggest you to read about how-to-read-and-write-xml-documents-with-gdataxml.

If you use ARC you need to set the classes provided by GDataXML with the compiler configuration -fno-objcarc. You can find info searching on the web.

Hope it helps.

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