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I have a problem concerning the listings package in latex. I need to embed a source code of the following XML document http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/downloads/profiles/EP_Extensions.xml in my master thesis' appendix. The problem is, no matter what options I pass to the package, I don't seem to be able to fit it on the page. The lines in the listing are too long, and the listings package doesn't wrap them, which seems odd... What combination of options will do the trick?

At the moment I use the following lstset instruction:


Which, with no other options set, and combined with the following command:


Lists the given file's source to the following output: alt text

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I just had this problem...

breaklines worked for me, though you do need to set it to true - the default is false:

    caption=My Class,

is pretty much what I used

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A full list of options is available at en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Packages/Listings –  Siegfried Gevatter Jan 12 '14 at 15:28

All I can do is point you at the listings docs and suggest that there is a section therein named "Margins and line shape". Are these options among those that you have tried?

In particular I see options with names like linewidth, breaklines, and breakautoindent which cetainly suggests that listings supports your needs.

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I tried every combination of them I could think of, and it doesn't work. –  Adam Jun 11 '09 at 16:17
Hmmm...I suspect there is little we can do for you without some code to look at. –  dmckee Jun 11 '09 at 17:05

I had this problem and this page ranks highly on google so here was the solution for me:

I had the following inclusion: \usepackage[none]{hyphenat} which causes the issue described above. I was using it to fix the problem of latex automatically breaking lines in the middle of a word, which looks really stupid in some circumstances.

After much searching for an alternative to this solution I found nothing suitable and settled for properly broken lines but badly placed hyphenation.

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Thank you! I had the exact same problem, and couldn't figure out why listings wouldn't break my lines even with breaklines=true. You just saved me a lot of head scratching. –  Zero3 Jan 28 at 16:51

Not a great answer, but one idea is to word wrap the source code before including it. If you're on linux, the command fold can be used for this. Clearly this works best if the text is in a fixed width font, which i would recommend in any case for code listings.

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