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I am using form_tag

<%= form_tag url_for(:action=>'url'), :onclick=> "$('.submit_btn').addClass('disabled');", :complete=>$(".submit_btn").removeClass("disabled"), :method=>"post", :remote =>true do %>


<%= submit_tag "Create", :class=>"submit_btn", :disable_with => "Please wait..." %>

While form is submiting, onclick disabled the the button, which is correct. However, once I get the response it does not remove the "disabled" class from submit button. I looked online and the API docs ...but failed to find way to get this working.

I want while form submits the data disabled the button and onresponse enable the button.

Can any one provide pointers?

Thanks Viral

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Assume that you're using jquery-ujs, there's no need to do it manually, which means that you should remove the :onclick and :complete parts - simple add :disable_with and jquery-ujs will do the rest for you.

So your code will become:

<%= form_tag url_for(:action=>'url'), :method=>"post", :remote =>true do %>
<%= submit_tag "Create", :class=>"submit_btn", :disable_with => "Please wait..." %>


If you want to perform some custom operations before / during / after this AJAX request, you'd bind the form to those custom events fired by jquery-ujs (reference here). For example, the following code accomplishes what you want:

    'ajax:before': function () {

    'ajax:complete': function () {
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yeah but with disable_with I cannot run disabled effect on my button...correct? It will just replace the text from "Create" to "Please Wait..". I want is to change the look of button to disable – Viral Mar 21 '12 at 18:18
@Viral I've edited the answer. Give it a try. – Limbo Peng Mar 22 '12 at 11:44

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