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How do I create a cardboard in Rally Software that has just an iteration dropdown and a defect list. I have tried the examples on the dev site and they give me user stories and defects. I just need the defects.

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If you look at the example on this page, you will need to change this line:

      types : ["Defect", "HierarchicalRequirement"],

to this

      types : ["Defect"],

-- Mark

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Any idea on how to add a dropdown menu for the iteration. I tried the one on the example site and it showed no defects. Which I know I have. I also need to print them after they select the iteration. – DonnieCrump Mar 21 '12 at 20:02
Do you have defects assigned to iterations? Have you looked at your JavaScript debugger to see the web service response? – Mark Ringer Mar 22 '12 at 13:05

actually, not sure that page has the example tied to iteration dropdown. However, I went through this myself :) Check this post out, and take the above advice on that code. Rally Custom Kanban

on that code, you will want to replace the a b c etc

with the names to your column headers, and also assign it the proper field to look at (code uses KanbanState field.

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