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I have Button and I can get any of its methods such as getText,setText ... using

Method mth = myButton.getClass().getMethod("getText", parameterTypes);

but when I try to get "setOnClickListener" method using the same code Method mth = myButton.getClass().getMethod("setOnClickListener", parameterTypes); I am getting Exception : "NoSuchMethodException" Exception.

What I have tried:

send empty params

Class<?>[] parameterTypes = new Class[] {};
`Method mth = myButton.getClass().getMethod("setOnClickListener", parameterTypes);` NOT working the same Exception:  "NoSuchMethodException"

i tried to get all the methods and identify it by name.
Method[] arrMethods = objElem.getClass().getMethods();

Method listener = getMethodByName(arrMethods,"setOnClickListener");

public Method getMethodByName(Method[] arrMethods,String MethodName)
        for(int i=0;i<arrMethods.length;i++)
            if(arrMethods[i].getName() == MethodName)
                return arrMethods[i];
        return null;

the function actually not found . its clearly that I have some misunderstanding here . may be its not posible to reach this method?? Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure what

if(arrMethods[i].getName() == MethodName)

is really what do you want. This condition will be true if the arrMethods[i].getName() returns the reference to the same object referred to by MethodName.

I think you would check if the strings are equal:

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the function works when i write this myBtn.setOnClickListener(elemListener);so the function name is "setOnClickListener" like "setText","getText" ... so I wold like to know why my code not working if to this specific function there is different name or it cant be access in this way – the_farmer Mar 25 '12 at 8:53

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