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I've built a GUI extension to 'inject' my own JavaScript into the SDL Tridion 2011 publish dialog (as explained in this post and comment: http://albertromkes.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/tridion-gui-extensions-how-to-load-a-javascript-without-showing-a-gui-element/)

I see in SDL Tridion's publish dialog (publish.js) that the publish dialog takes some parameters (not on the URL), these are passed in. For example:

var p = this.properties;
if (p.params && p.params.items && p.params.items.length > 0)

So in my JavaScript I'd like to get hold of the properties.params.items but I cannot seem to get hold of it.

My JavaScript code is inserted 'after' the publish view has loaded:

<cfg:extension target="Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.CME.Views.Popups.Publish">

And in my JavaScript (and in Firebug Console) I've tried to obtain the value using $display.getView().properties, but this returns a null object.

I've been using Firebug to look around the window, $display and various other objects, but cannot see a way to get to the params object.

My JavaScript looks like this:

$evt.addEventHandler($display, "start", itemsForPublish);

function itemsForPublish() {

    var p = $display.getView().properties;
    var items = p.params.items || [];

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This should work:

function itemsForPublish() {

In the 'Publishing.js' (and in 'Publish.js') you can see that the items to publish are send to the Popups' dialogArguments.

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Thanks Albert, that worked. I had tried this code, but i was refreshing the publish dialog to check the changes. When doing this the params object is null. So it's definitely worth noting the publish dialog should be closed / opened each time to check. –  johnwinter Mar 22 '12 at 13:59

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