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I am trying to persist a Template object in the app's database. It's not giving me any exceptions but I get the default message from Grails for trying to save an object with a null attribute when the same is marked with nullable:false constraint.

Property tempVersion of class Template cannot be null or (default.null.message)

The Template class is the following:

class Template implements Serializable {

Long tempVersion
String name
Type type
Status status
App app
String body
Tester tester
Date date

static constraints = {
    name blank:false, maxSize:50
    type nullable:false
    status nullable:false
    app nullable:false 
    body blank:false, widget:"textarea"

static mapping = {
    id composite:['id','tempVersion']
    tempVersion generator:"sequence", params:[sequence:'SEQ_TEMPLATE_VERSION']
    body type:"text"
    version false

I cannot understand why is that, cause if I specify tempVersion as a primary key along with the default 'id', it should never generate a null value! Just as shouldn't generate a null id. Anyway, does anybody see what I am doing wrong about that?

Thanks in advance.

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You must write custom sequence generator if you want generate value foe composite ID. Hibernate doesn't generate values for composite IDs

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How can I do that then? –  Tiago Farias Mar 21 '12 at 20:59

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