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I just upgraded Symfony to the 2.0.12 version. And after a quick look to the deps file, I realized that Assetic was declared twice, and in two different versions.




Why is that ? Is there a specific reason or is it an oversight ?

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assetic and AsseticBundle are two different things.

assetic is the underlying library used by AsseticBundle. It is a standalone library and does not depend on Symfony directly. It can be used by any PHP projects out there.

On the other part, the bundle provides a tight integration of the library with Symfony so you don't have to code a lot to use it. Because it is a bundle, the AsseticBundle depends on FrameworkBundle so it must be used with Symfony.

So, assetic doesn't depend on anything. AsseticBundle depends on assetic but also on FrameworkBundle which is the core of the Symfony framework.

You can see that these are two different things by the git repo urls used:

assetic => http://github.com/kriswallsmith/assetic.git
AsseticBundle => http://github.com/symfony/AsseticBundle.git

Which are two different repos, so two different things but tightly coupled together. In a sense both could have been packaged together, but having two distinct entity enable uses outside of Symfony.

P.S. Beaten by @elnur by a few seconds :)


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Thanks to both of you, it's crystal clear for me now ;) –  slaapwagen Mar 21 '12 at 20:00
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One of them is a lib which you can use in plain PHP and the other one is a bundle to integrate it with Symfony2.

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