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I'm trying to send over multiple files from one server to another using Python. I've found a few ssh2 libraries, but either I can't find documentation on them (e.g. ssh), or they don't seem to support mput.

Anyone know of any sftp libraries which support mput?

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Paramiko is a library that handles SSH and related things, such as SFTP, but it only supports a regular put, no mput that I can see.

What exactly does mput do? My sftp client doesn't have that command...

Guessing from the name, I'm thinking "multiple puts" or something like that, to send multiple files in one go? If that is the case, I suggest just looping over your list of files and using put.

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That's exactly what mput is. After looking around, I think your solution is the best there is. Thanks! – Mark Roach Mar 21 '12 at 23:19

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