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I've seen a number of solutions suggested, but nearly all of them strip whitespace from the entire file if it's been changed, which is not an option. I have also tried:

git diff -w --no-color | git apply --cached

but it doesn't seem to work either. I am using git version and cannot update it.

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Found the answer:

git diff --cached --no-color > stage.diff && git apply --index -R stage.diff && git apply --index --whitespace=fix stage.diff && rm -f stage.diff
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It took me entirely too long to figure out that the git apply should happen at the root directory or it won't work. –  Ivan Andrus Mar 29 '13 at 18:15
Doesn't seem to work on partially stages files (Git 1.9.2 on Linux). –  Brecht Machiels May 4 at 22:59

I don't have such a script handy, but I guess a good starting point is the sample pre-commit hook that ships with git (before it was converted to diff --check). At least it only warns about added lines.

gitweb view of pre-commit script

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