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I just setup a new VM with Debian Squeeze (latest stable release, 6.0.4). I am going for a webserver, so I installed the usual... apache, php5, mysql, phpmyadmin, etc.

Everything went well, everything is working.

My question is about upgrading packages. I noticed the phpmyadmin version is 3.3.7... the latest is Doing apt-get update/upgrade does not upgrade the package.

How does one go about upgrading packages on a Debian Squeeze server if apt-get update/upgrade does not work?


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You either install the packages manually or you add a repo to the list of repos that apt uses. (For phpmyadmin, I'd probably just do it manually.) Also, as this is not a programming question, it does not belong on StackOverflow. It belongs on serverfault. – Corbin Mar 21 '12 at 20:31

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You can download the latest version from the official page and follow the instrucctions inside the compress file for the installation.

Alternatively if you want to use the debian repositories, you can add

deb testing main contrib non-free

in the file /etc/apt/source.list

Also add

Package: *
Pin: release n=testing
Pin-Priority: 500

in /etc/apt/preferences

doing this you will have all the packages for the testing version, but they're not going to be installed unless you specify it, so run

apt-get update
apt-get install <package name>=<version>

for example

apt-get install phpmyadmin=

you can check the different versions with

apt-cache showpkg phpmyadmin
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