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I'll let this jsfiddle describe most of the problem for me.


I've got a layout similar to this. There's an image to the left and block links to the right. The way I've set the positioning, the text inside the <a> is pushed down underneath the blocks.

I've created a makeshift solution, using <span> tags and more positioning, but I'd rather that not be my end result. If I have to create/change/remove buttons, I'd have to mess with the positioning of the text.

Does anyone know a better way of keeping the text inside the link block?

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Updated your Fiddle.

I've added

overflow: hidden;

to your big link CSS.

Saw this today from another answer to this question Element with Overflow:auto affected by Floating Element

Theres also a couple of good links to a description of why it works in there too.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot! –  StoneRanger Mar 21 '12 at 20:47

Try using a negative margin. Like margin-top: -75px;

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