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I've got around 15 parameters being submitted (using tag helpers as no data related to a model). Is there a more efficient way of accessing and maybe storing the params into a hash/array as apposed to having to push all the params into a new array using something like the below:

array = []
array << param["a"] 
array << param["b"] 
array << param["c"] 
array << param["d"]


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Probably zillions of ways, but assuming and empty array arr = [] then param.each {|k,v| arr << v } would be one. Check the array API, there's most likely a method that assigns the values of a has to an array. –  Tom Harrison Jr Mar 21 '12 at 21:11

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If all you want are the values then you can do:

array = hash.values

or more specifically to your question:

param_array = param.values

values returns an array of all the values in the hash.

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