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i have task which takes a parameter and has three modes of results

Example Parameter name is sizePram (1 = only null , 2 = only not null, 3 = both or all)

declare @sizeParam int
set @sizeParam = 1 or 2 or 3

select * from SalesLT.Product where Size =
CASE @sizeParam
    when 1 then is null
    when 2 then is not null
    when 3 then all
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CASE is an expression that returns a specific data type. It is not for control of flow logic or to compare things that aren't specific values like is not null. You will need to do this using logic other than CASE. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 21 '12 at 20:49

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select * 
from SalesLT.Product 
    (@sizeParam = 1 and Size is null) or
    (@sizeParam = 2 and Size is not null) or
    (@sizeParam = 3)
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    FROM SalesLT.Product
    WHERE (@sizeParam = 1 AND Size IS NULL)
       OR (@sizeParam = 2 AND Size IS NOT NULL)
       OR (@sizeParam = 3)
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  FROM SalesLT.Product
 WHERE ( sizeParam <> 1 OR Size IS NULL )
       AND NOT ( sizeParam = 2 AND Size IS NULL );
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