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So I'm writing a php script that should force a user to enter a username and password to view a link on a a web page, but for some reason the pop up window that prompts the user doesn't disappear when you enter in the correct user/pw combination. instead, it just reappears, blank, asking the user again for the user/pw. I researched this awhile back and found that I needed to add this line to my authorize script:

list($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'], $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']) = explode(':',      base64_decode(substr($_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'], 6)));

This fixed the problem. The user would enter in the correct combination and then be allowed into the site. But we just moved the site onto a new server, and the old problem is back. Yet again, you enter in the correct user/pw and..nothing happens. The prompt just reappears, blank. I'm not exactly sure how to go about troubleshooting this. I did try and remove the line that had fixed it earlier, but I get the same results. Are there certain settings on the server that affect this sort of thing? Here's the script:

//User name and password for authentication
list($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'], $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']) = explode(':', base64_decode(substr($_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'], 6)));
    //these are real words..obviously I suppose.  I just starred them out for this

if (!isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) || !isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']) ||
    ($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] != $username) || ($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'] !=    $password))
    //then the user and pw are incorrect so send headers
    header('HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized');
    header('WWW-Authenticate:Basic Realm="Henrys Home"');
    exit('<h2>Henrys Home</h2> Sorry, you must enter a valid username and password to enter this page. Click <a href = "../index.html">here</a>' . 
    ' to go back to the main page.');

Then at the top of the file that needs the security I do include the require_once code snippet that points to my authorize script.

Any ideas? Let me know if I need to provide any more information. Or if I need to clarify anything. Thank you in advance for thinking on this!

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Try removing the line you added to fix it in first place. You shouldn't need to do this at all, and the fact that you are may be breaking the proper mechanism for populating those variables on the new server. – DaveRandom Mar 21 '12 at 20:50
hi Dave, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I had that same thought. But the problem persists. I removed that line and the prompt just keeps reappearing, asking me for the user/pw, even though I just gave it the correct one. – seanmichael Mar 21 '12 at 20:56
please show the contents of var_dump($_SERVER); when placed on the first line of the script – DaveRandom Mar 21 '12 at 21:18
So I'm still a total noob when it comes to programming. I put an echo statement on the top of my authorize script. It was echo var_dump($_SERVER); And I got a huge string of text. It's all gibberish to me at this point, and I'm not sure if this is what you wanted. Let me know if I didn't do the right thing. It was too much text to put in this comment box so I will break it up into several different comments. – seanmichael Mar 21 '12 at 23:07
Interesting, it seems that your server does not define any of the necessary information for HTTP auth. This suggests that the web server may be handling it itself - what web server are you using (e.g. Apache, IIS, Nginx) and what PHP version are you using? – DaveRandom Mar 21 '12 at 23:49

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