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I am attempting to copy a file to a bunch of folders present in a directory. The folders have been saved in propagation.txt and are like:


The code I am attempting to run is :

for x in `cat propagation.txt`
do cp php.ini $x ; echo "Copied php.ini to $x"
echo "Finished"; 

However, it states that:

cp : 'target: 'propagation.txt' is not a text'

This is what propagation.txt consists of:

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"is not a text"? Neither me, nor google are not aware of such cp output. Is it correct one? Can you move echo before cp and show log. And run which cp on your system –  Sergey Grinev Mar 21 '12 at 20:59
consider editing your question to include 2-3 line sample of what is in propagation.txt. Good luck. –  shellter Mar 21 '12 at 20:59
You title says "target is not a directory"; your question says "target is not a text". Is the title correct and the question wrong? If so, it makes sense; if not, then the 'is not a text' error message makes no sense (is non-sense, or possibly even nonsense). There are still some puzzles to resolve, but at least the inconsistency between title and question would be clear if it should read 'is not a directory'. –  Jonathan Leffler Mar 22 '12 at 1:58

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Based on your comment to @pizza, I'm pretty sure your actual script is not what's in the question. I suspect you may have the wrong kind of quotes around cat propagation.txt, i.e.

for x in 'cat propagation.txt' ; do cp php.ini $x ; echo "Copied php.ini to $x" ; done; echo "Finished";

instead of

for x in `cat propagation.txt` ; do cp php.ini $x ; echo "Copied php.ini to $x" ; done; echo "Finished";

...or possibly some sort of "smart quote" or the like. I'll recommend using $() instead of backquotes; they do basically the same thing, but the syntax is cleaner if you're doing complex things and they're much harder to mistake for something else. So try this:

for x in $(cat propagation.txt) ; do cp php.ini $x ; echo "Copied php.ini to $x" ; done; echo "Finished"
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"Target is not a directory" is a cp error. It happens when you have three or more arguments, and the last argument is an existing filesystem object that isn't a directory!

Of course

cp a b

works if b is a regular file, and not a directory. b is simply replaced with a. But

cp a b c

means make a copy of a and b inside directory c.

It's not clear how this problem could happen in your cp php.ini $x, because the loop variable $x is iterating over the results of a cat ... process substitution. The process substitution undergoes word splitting and the split pieces are assigned to x one by one. For your cp to end up with three or more arguments, $x would have to somehow expand into two arguments.

Post the actual verbatim code that is failing and some sample data.

On a related note, if you do have spaces in some of the path names, it will be best to put them on separate lines in propagation.txt and then process it like this:

# read dir names one by one and copy php.ini into them ...
while read dir ; do
    cp php.ini "$dir"
    # ...
done < propagation.txt  # ... getting the names from propagation.txt
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It should work, change "do cp php.ini" to "do echo cp php.ini" and see what you get.

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i did not get anything besides: cp php.ini cat propagation.txt this probably means it is refusing to read the contents of propagation.txt since it only spits that line out once –  user1020069 Mar 21 '12 at 21:45
I used your propagation.txt file content and change the script to : for x in cat propagation.txt ; do echo '(' cp php.ini $x ')' ; echo "Copied php.ini to $x" ; done; echo "Finished"; it prints out what is sent to the cp command. See if you get what you expected –  pizza Mar 21 '12 at 23:19

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