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I am using Pydev 2.4 with eclipse 3.6.2 and when using the Jython console (jython 2.5.2) i am getting the exception shown below.

This happens when I make a call to a java method from one of my own classes. It isn't a problem in my class as the return value is correct. It seems that something happens after the result is returned. This happens with different classes and methods so it isn't specific to anything in particular. If i make the same call a second time, it never happens.

Any idea what is happening here?

thanks, brian

widgets.parsedOK() True Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\rw_apps\rc_eclipse_362_development\v2\plugins\org.python.pydev_2.4.0.2012020116\PySrc\", line 115, in getCompletions return completer.complete(act_tok) File "C:\rw_apps\rc_eclipse_362_development\v2\plugins\org.python.pydev_2.4.0.2012020116\", line 95, in complete return self.attr_matches(text) File "C:\rw_apps\rc_eclipse_362_development\v2\plugins\org.python.pydev_2.4.0.2012020116\", line 152, in attr_matches words = dir2(obj, filter=filter) File "C:\rw_apps\rc_eclipse_362_development\v2\plugins\org.python.pydev_2.4.0.2012020116\PySrc\", line 448, in GenerateImportsTipForModule info = isMet[1][0]

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Is that the complete traceback? (I can't really read it the way it's posted). Also, do you think you could put on an actual use-case where this happens in a way that it can be reproduced and report it to the PyDev sf tracker? – Fabio Zadrozny Mar 22 '12 at 11:18
Yes, I will do that. I wonder if its something specific to my installation though if no one else has seen this. – user1284468 Mar 30 '12 at 19:17

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