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I've got a rake task that renames a bunch of stuff in various files. So, if someone at the cmd terminal writes this


the code below should perform the necessary find/replace. My problem is that I can't get this line to work.


Any idea why?

namespace :rename do

    desc 'changes the name of the app'
    task :changename, :new_name do |task, args| 
      # change any instances of the term "framework" to the new name of the app   
      #for testing, just change these: file_names = ['config/environment.rb'] #['config/environments/test.rb', 'config/environments/production.rb', 'config/environment.rb']
      file_names = ['app/helpers/application_helper.rb', 'app/views/pages/home.html.erb', 'rakefile', 'config/application.rb', '', 'config/database.yml', 
                    'config/environments/development.rb', 'config/environments/test.rb', 'config/environments/production.rb', 
                    'config/environment.rb', 'config/initializers/secret_token.rb', 'config/initializers/session_store.rb', 'config/routes.rb', 
      file_names.each do |file_name|
        text =, "w") { |file| file << text.gsub("Framework", args[:new_name]) }

UPDATE: I had trouble with ".capitalize" because it automatically put any character after the first as a lowercase letter. Ultimately, I arrived at this:

      args[:new_name][0] =  args[:new_name].capitalize[0] 
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Did you mean to write one of these:

args[:new_name] = args[:new_name].capitalize
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Will just call capitalize on the :new_name symbol returning :New_name and will use that as a key in the args hash. You want to use


Which will access :new_name in the args hash and capitalize it in place

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actually, Symbols don't even have a #capitalize method. – jrochkind Mar 22 '12 at 5:09
symbols have a #capitalize method – sguha Mar 22 '12 at 23:15
ah, okay, added in 1.9.x, wasn't there in 1.8.7. Weird, I don't know why you'd ever want to do that to a Symbol – jrochkind Mar 24 '12 at 3:15

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