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I use Eclipse as my IDE, and when I run my application I wish the application itself to run as root. My program currently checks if it is root, and if not it restarts itself with gksudo. The output, however, isn't written to the console. I can't use sudo, since it doesn't give me a graphical prompt. (While my program is CLI, Eclipse doesn't permit console interaction afaict)

What's the "right" way to be elevating my application?

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Restrictive execution dominates. I believe that Eclipse does permit console interaction, but a quick and dirty, brute force approach would be to use suid if you're not concerned about security. Or throw up your own graphical prompt in Tkinter/other and use a bit of Expect magic to spawn and respond to the sudo process. Careful with these, however :)

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It may not be an ideal solution, but the rare times that I need this same functionality I end up just running Eclipse as root.

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