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Hello Im using HTTParty to call for a remote json file that I need to extract the URL's to use in one of my tests.. the json format goes something like:

  "manifest" : {
    "header" : {
      "generated" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "name" : "xxxxxxxxxxx",
      "version" : "1.0.0"
    "files" : [ {
      "file" : "",
      "url" : "",
      "checksum" : "ee98c9455b8d7ba6556f53256f95"
    }, {
      "file" : "",
      "url" : "",
      "checksum" : "e66aa3d123f804f34afc622b5"

on irb I can get all the sub hashes inside example: ['manifest']['files'] and I can only get the url if I expecify which one.. like for example puts file['manifest']['files']['1']['url'] <-- this does work on irb but since I need to get ALL url's this is why I use .each but it gives me a cant convert to string error or similar

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'httparty'


class MyApi
  include HTTParty

file = MyApi.get("http://#{HOST}/v1/dc/manifest/#{ID}/#{VERSION}")

file.each do |item|
 puts item['manifest']['files']['url']

not working but I can on IRB do a:

puts item['manifest']['files'][2]['url'] <-- and this will give me the url but with the .each will just complaint about cant convert to string or similar

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Try the following:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'httparty'


class MyApi
  include HTTParty
  format :json

response = MyApi.get("http://#{HOST}/v1/dc/manifest/#{ID}/#{VERSION}")

puts response.inspect

The addition of the format :json tells HTTParty to parse the response as JSON. Then you'll get a hash you can iterate over properly.

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My require HTTParty and code for performing the API call are located in a controller. I tried adding format :json and I got a new error message: JSON::ParserError. I can see the JSON form I received in response to my API call, so I'm not sure what the ParserError is about. – max pleaner Mar 23 '14 at 20:22
@macsplean That's not enough info to go on. You should post another question with your code, the full error message, and the full response from the service. – Mark Thomas Mar 23 '14 at 20:38


file['manifest']['files'].each do |item|
   puts item['url']
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usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/json/common.rb:146:in initialize': can't convert HTTParty::Response into String (TypeError) from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/json/common.rb:146:in new' from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/json/common.rb:146:in parse' from ./check_manifest.rb3:19:in <main>' – cfernandezlinux Mar 22 '12 at 0:09
@ChrisAnarkoMeow That's because you are trying to call JSON.parse on an HTTParty::Response object, not a JSON string. You shouldn't need to do that, as the Response object has your response in a hash. – Mark Thomas Mar 22 '12 at 0:36
@ChrisAnarkoMeow - I edited the response. Try now. – Michael Mar 22 '12 at 0:56
cool that works too but I think is cleaner to use Mark solution addin format :json since im already using that lib, no point to pull two libs. – cfernandezlinux Mar 22 '12 at 4:17

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