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I have created a UISegmentedControl with two segments using the interface builder (from storyboard), but I would like to set the text of the two segments programmatically. I want to do this because I am using NSLocalizedString for all of my buttons, labels, titles etc. I create all the stuff in interface builder and then I add text programmatically. I have manage to make every item to work that way but I cannot find a way to add text to my UISegmentedControl.

Is there any way to do that? I ma trying to use the following but because the segmented control is already created in the interface builder it does not work.

[segmentedControl initWithItems:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:NSLocalizedString(@"Title 1", @"Title 1"),NSLocalizedString(@"Title 2", @"Title 2"), nil]];

Thanks a lot

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[segmentedControl setTitle:<YourLocalizedString> forSegmentAtIndex:0];
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Use setTitle:forSegmentAtIndex: to assign the title to your segments of the segmented control.

Hope this would help you.

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