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I am creating an application and I want to use the entered values in the GUI text box, how do I retrieve it. For example if i have the GUI: How would I retrieve the text entered and use it for a possible variable?

from Tkinter import *
from sympy import *
import cmath

master = Tk()

from Tkinter import *
import tkMessageBox

def file_input():
    """ Display the Entry text value. """

    global entryWidget

    if entryWidget.get().strip() == "":
        tkMessageBox.showerror("Tkinter Entry Widget", "Please enter a .txt file with included a,b,c for calculation: ")
        tkMessageBox.showinfo("Tkinter Entry Widget", "You entered the file: " + entryWidget.get().strip()) 

if __name__ == "__main__":

    root = Tk()

    root.title("File Input")
    root["padx"] = 100
    root["pady"] = 100       

    # Create a text frame to hold the text Label and the Entry widget
    textFrame = Frame(root)

    #Create a Label in textFrame
    entryLabel = Label(textFrame)
    entryLabel["text"] = "Please enter a .txt file with included a,b,c for calculation: "
    print entryLabel

    # Create an Entry Widget in textFrame
    entryWidget = Entry(textFrame)
    entryWidget["width"] = 50


    button = Button(root, text="Submit", command=file_input)

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You can use the get method to get the contents of the widget. You will of course have to keep a reference to the widget:

self.entry = Entry(...)
print "the text is", self.entry.get()
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