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I have a Facebook canvas app, written in AS3, and using the Adobe Facebook API.

I can connect, get a list of friends, pick a friend, all that stuff is working fine. The problem is when I try and post to a friend's wall. I am trying to post an image. That's it, just an image.

The image is 200x200, which meets the facebook guidlines of not being smaller than 50x50 and outside of a 3:1 ratio.

I have searched all over the interwebz for an answer and have tried all examples I can find. I have cobbled together what looked like promising attempts, only to have the image still not show up. Other info, like the message, link etc, do show up if I include it. Just no picture. Here is the code that looked the most promising based on what facebook docs say.

Facebook.api('/' + friendID  +'/feed', onPicPosted, {image:imageToPost, message:messageToPost, fileName:'FILE_NAME'}, URLRequestMethod.POST);

friendID is the selected friend, imageToPost is a bitmap, onPicPosted is the callback, which returns successful, even though the image does not show up.

I have also tried a slight variation based on someone's suggestion, changing image to picture in the params object.

Facebook.api('/' + friendID  +'/feed', onPicPosted, {picture:imageToPost, message:messageToPost, fileName:'FILE_NAME'}, URLRequestMethod.POST);

permissions have been properly requested and granted ('publish_stream', and also 'user_photos' and 'friends_photos' just for safe measure).

This issue is delaying a delivery so it is urgent I figure this out. If anyone has an idea of how to accomplish posting an image (bitmap, created in flash) to a selected friend's wall, please help! Thanks!

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In these examples, what is imageToPost? – shanethehat Mar 22 '12 at 9:25
imageToPost is a bitmap, created in flash by taking a "snapshot" of a movieclip and turning it into bitmapData. And that is the big question here: is it possible to upload to a friend's wall a bitmap, dynamically created in AS3, from a facebook canvas app written in Flash - or any other way in fact? – Ribs Mar 22 '12 at 17:59
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After some more research:

This is not possible. image is not a property expected, rather picture is, and picture expects a url as its value not a bitmap.

The solution was to first upload the image to a server via php, then post the image with the returned url.

Also, as a side note, an image posted to a friend's wall via an app can be no larger than 90x90. It can be larger than that if posted to the user's own wall, but not to the user's friends' walls.

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