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I have a config.php file:

define('DIRECTORY', 'http://localhost:8080/demo/');

And file test.php

$file = DIRECTORY . 'cache/list.txt';
$expire = 86400; // 24h
        if(file_exists($file) && filemtime($file) > (time() - $expire)) {
            $data = unserialize(file_get_contents($file));
        } else {
            $data = "test";

            $output = serialize($data);
            $fp = fopen($file, "w");
            fputs($fp, $output);
        echo $data;

When I run test.php in wampserver is error is:

Warning: fopen(http://localhost:8080/demo/cache/list.txt) [<a href='function.fopen'>function.fopen</a>]: failed to open stream: HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections in ...

But When I delete DIRECTORY is code run OK, $file = 'cache/list.txt'; How to fix it ?

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dont fun the file commands on external urls, you should be check the file with its absolute path –  Dagon Mar 22 '12 at 2:40
fopen cannot WRITE to a url, as that'd require a POST or PUT, which it won't do by default, unless you set up a stream context in advance. –  Marc B Mar 22 '12 at 4:41

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You should use absolute paths not URLs for writing.

Such as /var/www/cache/list.txt instead of http://something/cache/list.txt

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