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I'm currently working on a mapping app for iPhone. I've created some custom maps of various sizes, but I've run into an issue:

I would like to implement the ability for users' locations to be checked automatically, but since Im not using a MapView this is much more dificult. (see below)


given the different coordinate systems, I would like to receive a geolocation (green dot) and translate it into a pixel location on a custom map. Ive got the geolocations for the 4 corners, but the rect is askew. Ive calculated the angle of rotation, but Im just generally confused.

note: the size of the maps arent big enough for the spherical nature of the earth to come into calculation.

Any help is appreciated!

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Did you find out any solution for this?? – Nina Jul 31 '12 at 14:22

To convert a geolocation to point you need to first understand the mapping. assuming you are using Mercator.

x = R*long
y = R*(1+sin(lat))/cos(lat)

where lat and long are in radians.R is radius of earth. the scale of the image would be from 0 to R*PI

so to get it within view.frame.size you may have to divide by a scale factor.

for difference between points.

x2-x1 = R* (long2-long1)
y2-y1 = R* (  (1+sin(lat2))/cos(lat2) - (1+sin(lat1))/cos(lat1)  )
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