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I'm trying to access global variables from a model. The global variable is set from a controller:

function sets(){
        $value = $this->input->post('current_id');
        $anywhere = array('current_id'=>$value);


But the model doesn't know the value of the current id:

$session_id = $this->load->get_var('current_id');
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Couldn't you set up the call to the model to expect this id as a parameter if you need it? – Surreal Dreams Mar 22 '12 at 3:48
What exactly are you trying to do? Pass a variable to the model? – Spyros Mar 23 '12 at 1:18
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Unfortunately the CodeIgniter Model doesn't have access to the values that you're looking for. But there is hope! There are a few ways to go about having getting access to the parameters that are loaded from the request, choose your poison, but having a defined contract interface for your model is, in my opinion, something that makes writing code easier and less of a hassle to maintain down the line.

A reference to the CodeIgniter object can be grabbed like so:

$ci =& get_instance();
$session_id = $ci->load->get_var('current_id');

Of course this would be the nasty way to go about getting at your data. A better approach would be to pass it in to the model itself as a parameter. You're not going to be paying for much in doing so, and it gives you a contract signature on the method where you can point and say "Hey, this should be the current_id of the model:

function sets($session_id)

And, of course, you would just pass in the value you wish $current_id to be as an argument in that function call. This gives you the flexibility of not having to rely on the fact that you're populating the model from a POST HTTP request.

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Try this,

$ci =& get_instance();

But my think, this isn't good idea.

You can use input->post() method on model or set variable with model function arguments.

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The CI_Model class doesn't have a Loader, so $this->load doesn't exist in a model.

$this->load->get_var() is for controllers to use. From the Loader documentation -

This is useful if for any reason a var is set in a library or another controller method using $this->load->vars().

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