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In Qt, I have created a QGraphicsScene as shown below.

m_scene = new QGraphicsScene(0,0,152,720);
m_view = new QGraphicsView(m_scene); 

Now the window is created with horizontal and vertical scrollbars. Since I don’t want to use horizontal scroll bar, it used the code

m_view->setHorizontalScrollBarPolicy (Qt::ScrollBarAlwaysOff);

But at this time, there is no horizontal scrollbar and the width is not 150, it is 140 something. How to get accurate width without horizontal scrollbar?

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If you want to get the inner width of your QGraphicsView, you can simply subtract the width of the scrollbar from the total width. This is how I would do it:

int innerWidth = width();
if (verticalScrollBar()) innerWidth -= verticalScrollBar()->width();
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i don't want to get the inner width, i want to show the window in 152 width without scroll bar – indira Mar 22 '12 at 4:52
@indira, in that case set the width of m_scene to 152 + m_view->verticalScrollBar()->width() – this.lau_ Mar 22 '12 at 9:09

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