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I have lines in my js files like this


The default Ajax Minifier settings do not remove these lines from the .min.js output.

I noticed in this discussion a conversation about Kill switches.

Looking at the Kill Switch page here. I noticed there is this switch:

/// <summary>
/// remove "debug" statements
/// </summary>
StripDebugStatements = 0x0000000000800000,

I am not using the command line, I am referencing the DLL. This is how I have implemented it.

CodeSettings jsSettings = new CodeSettings()
                KillSwitch = 800000,

and then later the actual minifier method.

string fileMinified = minifier.MinifyJavaScript(fileSource, jsSettings);

How can i remove console.log()?

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Make you calls to console.Log from methods in "Debug" namespace ( http://ajaxmin.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Preprocessor )


var Debug = {};
Debug.myTrace = function(message){


All calls to Debug.myTrace will be removed during minification ("debug" namespace), as well as call to someDebugOnlyCode (inside DEBUG/ENDDEBUG comments).

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