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This is my homework, but please read my problem description first.

I have to write a Java program as

a. Path of the directory will be passed to the program as command line argument. Then program will prompt for a file name and find all the files with that name. If no argument is passed, program should search directory from previous run. Do not use any database.

b. If user types exit/quit/bye, program will stop execution.

Problem description:

*My problem is that question says that I have to take directory name from command line and if it is not passed I have to take previous entered directory. But when we pass command line argument we need to run the program. It means each time I have to run the program to pass command line args. So how can I remember the previous one if argument not passed (as in question I can't use database). *

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I don't really understand what do you mean with "program should search directory from previous run". So i will try to answer 2 possibilities :

  1. previous run from the same session. ( that just being run )

    In the order to do this you should create a singleton that store all of run in ArrayList, and get the latest path. Memento pattern might also be another solution for this.

  2. previous run from same/different session ( means maybe run yesterday, or last month, or last year ) and the computer might have been turned off between each run.

    For this, I think you should write the path to a default file using FileWriter or BufferedWriter. And then create a FileReader or BufferedReader to read from this file to get the last path being run.

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If I use first 1 logic, my confusion is that if I used singleton pattern and stored prev entry, but when I again run the program I will loose that value, isn't it? Am I missing something? –  Andy Mar 22 '12 at 6:02
Yes. If this is the concern you should use the second option. –  Rudy Mar 22 '12 at 6:05
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You can store the name of the actual directory name in a file (which will be the "previous" directory name when you re-run with no parameter)

Persistance is the key. You'll have to persist (store) the state outside the application, somewhere where it can survive.

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Thank you AD. It was helpfull –  Andy Mar 30 '12 at 7:40
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