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public void displayListItem()
    double pixelPerIndexItem = (double) sideIndexHeight / indexListSize;
    int itemPosition = (int) (sideIndexY / pixelPerIndexItem);
    int minPosition = (int) (itemPosition * pixelPerIndexItem);
    Object[] indexItem = indexList.get(itemPosition);

    int indexMin = Integer.parseInt(indexItem[1].toString());
    int indexMax = Integer.parseInt(indexItem[2].toString());
    int indexDelta = Math.max(1, indexMax - indexMin);

    double pixelPerSubitem = pixelPerIndexItem / indexDelta;
    int subitemPosition = (int) (indexMin + (sideIndexY - minPosition) / pixelPerSubitem);

    ListView listView = (ListView) findViewById(;

in my is displaying the list from the middle but not from the starting.

so how to do. it should display the code from where it starts

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change listView.setSelection(subitemPosition) to listView.setSelectionFromTop(indexMin + itemPosition, 0);

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