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I have django model which consist of parent child relationship filed

I want to print parent child relation objects which will seperated by dot(.) like, ParentName.SubparentName.ChildName.subchildName.. etc...

How can i achieve this using recursive technique.

 class SomeModel(models.Model)
      parent = models.ForeignKey('self', related_name=childrens).
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def print_obj(obj, prefix=''):
    sys.stdout.write('%s%s' % (prefix, obj))
    if obj.child:
        print_obj(obj, '.')

But i think that cycle would be better:

def print_obj(obj):
    obj = obj.child
    while obj:
        sys.stdout.write('.%s' % obj)
        obj = obj.child
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Please check this documentation in this example they mention how to call parent child relationship with poll.choice_set

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