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I am having a problem in using Ajax methods.I have a master page and a content page.I want to use Ajax methods in content page.For that

in cs page in page load:


i have added this as my content page name is testcontent.

This is my method in cs page :

  public int Getdatabyid(int id)
        int count  = 0 ;
       //getting the id and basing on that processing the data and assigning to count
        return count;

in my aspx page :

function getdata(value)
 var id = value;
  var count = testcontent.Getdatabyid(id);

But i am getting the error "testcontent unavailable". Can i use Ajax methods in Content Pages which inherits properties from master page.In master page i placed Script Manager...Pls help me out

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I found out the solution for the question.

In web.config file,

add these lines of code.

     <add verb="POST,GET" path="ajax/*.ashx" type="Ajax.PageHandlerFactory,Ajax"/>

This will allow the Ajax Methods.

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