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I am adding a new migration but this message shows:

Unable to generate an explicit migration because the following explicit migrations are pending: [201203170856167_left]. Apply the pending explicit migrations before attempting to generate a new explicit migration.

Can any one help me?

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It tells you that there is some unprocessed migration in your application and it requires running Update-Database before you can add another migration.

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What I you want to recreate an initial migration? This blocks you from doing so? –  Junto Aug 9 '12 at 11:49
Did not work for me,Update-Database just gave me another error. I had to delete the pending files first. –  Vahx May 24 at 8:21

You either need to run "update-database" from the package manager console to push your changes to the database OR you can delete the pending migration file ([201203170856167_left]) from your Migrations folder and then re-run "add-migration" to create a brand new migration based off of your edits.

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I deleted the migration file and ran add-migration, but it still gives the same error. –  nu everest May 1 '14 at 17:01

If you haven't used Update-Database you can just delete it. If you've run the update then roll it back using Update-Database -TargetMigration "NameOfPreviousMigration", then delete it.

Reference: http://elegantcode.com/2012/04/12/entity-framework-migrations-tips/

I copied this text directly from here: How do I undo the last Add-Migration command?

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I had the same problem. Apparently entity framework generates this error when it's unable to connect to the database. So make sure that you're able to access it before searching for other problems.

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