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I want to increment id by 1 but I there is a problem while running the php page The Error is

Fatal error: Call to undefined method MongoCollection::findAndModify() in C:\wamp\www\....

My Code is:

 // connect
 $m = new Mongo();
 $db=$m->demo;//selecting database named demo
 $db->authenticate("abc","abc");//authenticate database by its username and  password
 $next =nextValue($db);
 $db->counters.insert(array("_id"=>$next, "name"=>'B'));
 function nextValue($db)
      //$next =$db->counters->findAndModify(array('query'=> array("_id"=> "total"),'update'=>array($inc=> array("total"=> 1))));
      //I Used above Code Before this code
      $next =$db->command(array('findAndModify'=>'counters'),array('query'=> array("_id"=> "total"),'update'=>array($inc=> array("total"=> 1))));
         $db->counters->insert(array("_id"=> "total", "name" => 'A'));
         $next =$db->counters->findAndModify(array('query'=> array("_id"=> "total"),'update'=>array($inc=> array("total"=> 1))));
      return $next['total'];
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There is no findAndModify function yet. Instead of findAndModify, you'll have to run a generic database command to do this:

    "findandmodify" => "counters",
    "query" => array("_id"=> "total"),
    "update" => array($inc=> array("total"=> 1)),

There is an open issue at https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/PHP-117 to implement findAndModify though.

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just for everyone looking at this - a helper command was added in august 2012: php.net/manual/en/mongocollection.findandmodify.php –  Tobias Dec 13 '12 at 0:17

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