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I have to use command line to build a Debug and Release versions. the build process is fine, I have a little problem is that while making a debug version I need the debug URLS(the exposed service on Dev Servers) and for Release for Compilation different URLs should be compiled and need to be done via Command line.

what should I be reading or doing for this.

thanks Aleena Shah

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Do you have the different URLs working when you compile from the Xcode UI? –  trojanfoe Mar 22 '12 at 7:52

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For release, Xcode defines NS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS, but does not specify Posix's NDEBUG. First, you should add -DDEBUG=1 to debug builds and -DNDEBUG=1 to release builds to account for Apple's omissions.

Then you can use macros:

#if defined(NDEBUG)
# define MY_URL http://foo.com
# define MY_URL http://bar.com

You could also do something like:

#if defined(NDEBUG)
  static const string MY_URL = "http://foo.com";
  static const string MY_URL = "http://bar.com";

DEBUG is not standard per Posix, but you will find a lot of libraries turn diagnostics on when the symbol is defined. Diagnostics during debugging is good since they will help you find mistakes in your code.

OWASP has an in-depth treatment of the subject for the security minded at C-Based Toolchain Hardening.

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