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what possible pdf converter can i use to print a specific html page? Do you have any suggestions or know plugins that can be easily customize and modify?

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I'm really not sure why this was closed. I found it very helpful and upvoted it. The answers are in fact "supported by facts, references, [and] expertise," and there is no "debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion." –  Yitz Jul 30 '13 at 12:41
I would use Pandoc which uses LaTeX to generate the PDF. –  mb21 Jul 1 '14 at 15:27

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you can use dompdf or mpdf you can download it at this site and

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A long time ago I used Apache FOP which implements XSL-FO and allows conversion of XML (e.g. XHTML) to PDF (and other formats). This is flexible, but not very easy.

Nowadays, there are webkit-based solutions (wkhtmltopdf, webkit2pdf, wkpdf, DIY in a day) which can render to PDF any HTML soup parsable by webkit.

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I would suggest you use google chrome browser; it allows to choose "Print to PDF" while printing web pages. :D

By the way, you haven't specified in question properly if it has to be done via a programming language PHP, Java or ASP.NET. Please specifics! Lets see if I am able to help out further in the matter.

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Style elements are lost when printing HTML pages –  Daryl Bennett Jan 6 at 15:54
if the web-page you are saving as pdf has stylesheet attached with media "print" then that css gets used while saving thus u get that minified secondary look. e.g. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="some_css_file.css" media="print"> –  Mrigesh Raj Shrestha Apr 3 at 8:49

domPDF is the best pdf plugins for printing html to pdf. it is easy to use and understand most of my program that needs for printing is done with dompdf

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My company has a product called DocRaptor that converts HTML to PDF with an HTTP POST request. If you're looking for a customizable, easy to use solution, you should give it a try.

All of our plans include a 30 day trial, and we also offer a free plan that allows users to create up to 5 documents per month.

Here's a link to DocRaptor's homepage: DocRaptor

And a link to our API documentation: DocRaptor API documentation

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In this problem i use the dompdf to print my htmlpage.

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There are several, I have worked with iText, and have used it on various commercial sites I have worked on. There are others, but iText is opensource so its free.. you can buy a license if you want as well if you need one.

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Another (may be not so good as others) option is to use a 'PDF printer' (currently I'm using Bullzip PDF Printer). Its main purpose is to substitute a real printer in a system and print all documents (as well as web-pages) in pdf using ghostscript.

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CutePDF has worked well for me in the past. It allows you to print anything to a PDF. All you have to do is select it as an available printer. Adobe has a similar function, although I'm not sure which product installs the feature.

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