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Thanks in advance.

How can I track facebook logout, when user is not on my facebook application? I've offline_access permission from my app user.

I am developing a facebook app, in which I want to show to other my app user that which (my app) user is login on facebook at this particular time.

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You have no way of knowing what the user is up to when he's not in your application.

You have 2 options:

(1) Ask for the "user_online_presence" permission from the user, then check what's his status using a fql like this:

SELECT uid, name, online_presence FROM user WHERE uid=me();

(Take a look at the result in the Graph API Explorer)

(2) You can use the Chat API to connect the user to the xmpp, then you get presence messages for all of his online friends, and that can help you to maintain the online presence of a users friends.

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