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in my serial com class
options.c_cflag |= ( CLOCAL | CREAD | CS8);

I want to make |= ( CLOCAL | CREAD | CS8) editable, as in I will read in this portion from a text file and "append" to the options.c_cflag.

I tried using a string variable but can't make it work. Anyone knows how can I do it?

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You have to write code to achieve this, because basically you're trying to compile C code at runtime.

You can use regular expression engines or simple string splitting to extract each component, then convert them from string to symbol (with a table or something like : if(!strcmp(text,"CLOCAL")) v=CLOCAL; ).

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OR'd flags gives you an actual numeric value, which can be read and converted to that value by stringstream.

template<typename T>
T flagValue(const std::string& flag_str)
    T value;
    std::stringstream ss;
    ss << hex << flag_str;
    ss >> value;
    return value;

But You need to know exact value of OR'd flags, write it somewhere and assign options.c_flag with the result of flagValue.

For example flagValue<unsigned int>("1a").

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