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i am looking for url rewrite options using asp.net routers with multiple parameter. i have parameters of category and location. i need to rewrite url with combination of both category and location or category alone or location alone. how to retrieve the search result based on category,location Example

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This is not possible unless you have unambiguous separator pattern that can delimit category and location. For example, let's say category and location will always be separated by say underscore(_) then you can have two patterns that would do the routing - {term1} or {term1}_{term2}. Again note that I am not saying category or location because term1 or term2 can be either and you have to sniff the actual values for the same.

Most probably, I would go with a single route such as {query} and then have a search algorithm that will search for given query term against both category and location.

If you are probably looking at exact match i.e. {query} should give either location or category or combination then you have to probably implement your search accordingly. For example,

  1. Search the query term against available categories - if match found we are done.
  2. Search the query term against available location - if match found we are done.
  3. Split the query term with possible separators (e.g. hyphen(-), underscore or space) - search parts against category/location. For example, "flats-for-rent-india" would be split into following pairs
    1. flats & for-rent-india
    2. flats-for & rent-india
    3. flats-for-rent & india
      so now you have to try each pair against available categories and locations - this would probably give you a match at #3.
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